Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bicycle Polo at Wagner Park

LPD has received several phone calls regarding bicyclists playing polo on the Wagner Park Tennis Courts. Police have responded and found nothing illegal about the activity.  Several residents have concerns about possible damage to the court surface.  The boys play with plastic mallets, remove the nets prior to playing and replace them when finished.  Specifically prohibited activities in the park include golfing and horseback riding.  The polo players invite curious neighbors to stop by and learn more about this former Olympic exhibition sport.  

UNIT News received the following email from one of the polo cyclists:


We really appreciate you coming out to see us and chat the other night. We get a bad rap because we have such a non-standard sport and there is a serious lack of understanding by most people, even other cyclists and it was good to see you out there interested and supportive of what we were doing. In addition to thanking you, I also wanted to make you aware that after talking to three different police officers on three different nights, and listening to all of them tell us that we just needed to keep it down and observe posted park curfew (12AM), we were finally asked to leave by a fourth unfamiliar officer who came with the City Code of Ordinances, citing ordinances that I have been unable to validate. I speak for myself and all of my cycling companions when I say that we were deeply offended by this, especially because there is no place in the Code of Ordinances citing our 
specific activity as unlawful. We look forward to your upcoming report on bike polo and the continued participation of cyclists and the community in our slightly haphazard event.

Matthew Betz

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